About us

Sani-Ontstopping comes to its customers’ rescue with the following services:

  • Fixing blocked drains of toilets, baths, showers, kitchen drains, sinks, sewage systems
  • Sewage works
  • Tracking down leaks
  • Sanitary repairs in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Miscellaneous services such as clearing gutters and pumping water out of cellars
  • Placement of water heaters and water softening systems

The very best price-quality ratio

We provide first-class quality service, and for a reasonable price. 

Quick service

We know that when you run into problems you need to be helped as quickly as possible. This has been one of the top priorities in our business operations since day one. You can count on us to do all we can to get everything working smoothly again as quickly as possible. 


You don’t only want to be helped quickly. You would also like to find everything neat and tidy, restored to its right place, after the necessary work has been completed.

Work carried out by the business owner himself

The best guarantee of a job well done is that the business owner himself, Patrick Diricx, will be carrying out the work. His dedication ensures a quality solution to your problem. And this for attractive prices. 

For homes and companies

We help everyone, domestic or commercial customers. The important thing is to solve your problem. 

Always available

That’s right. We know your problem needs to be solved urgently. That’s why you can reach us 24/7. Even on holidays.

Our territory

Do you have a problem and you are in the area of Leuven, Aarschot and Mechelen? Then you can count on our help to solve your trouble as soon as possible.

location_on Erasme Ruelensvest 29 - 3001 Heverlee (Leuven) mail_outline patrick@sani-ontstopping.be phone +32 491 73 90 04


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